Quark problem cannot import ANY pdfs /Permissions/security

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by nwrealestate, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. nwrealestate macrumors newbie

    Nov 10, 2005
    Do not know what i've done, as I am not a newbie to quark 6.5, I use all the time, some setting must have gotten changed somewhere in Quark or possibly in acrobat 7.0 or distiller.

    As I was fratically working around with the 2 programs trying to get a brochure to print that I had made up in quark which included 2 imported pdf' files. The brochure did not want to print correctly on my Color Laserjet (appeared to be having postcript problems with the pdf's I had in my document-this is not the problem I want solved at the moment though). Anyhow the pdf's i were importing were made directly from quark files so I thought if i made them into eps files first and then opened Acrobat Distiller and then opened the eps files from there to make into pdf's I seemed to have better luck getting things to print ok.

    Somewhere along the line, don't know if I accidentally changed a setting in Quark or Distiller, but I cannot import any pdf files as I get an error saying that the " Security settings are set or it is password protected" .

    I did a repair permissions on my entire hardrive from the OSX install disk and at first try afterwards it did import a pdf but just that time then I was back to the same errors. This is really Odd because I CAN place these pdf files into INDesign just fine.

    Hope someone has some answers.
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Blue Velvet Moderator emeritus

    Jul 4, 2004
    The first thing to do is to ensure that the PDFs are version 1.4 or lower. Quark 6.5 PDF import filter tends to work best with PDFs that are compatible with Acrobat 5 or lower. Distilling with PDF X1 is a good setting for 4 colour press PDFs for this form of placement into a Quark file or you could use Acrobat Pro to re-optimise the file downwards.

    It also sounds like your PDFs may have acquired a security setting. If you open one of the PDFs in Acrobat and check under File>Properties>Security you can check the settings there.
  3. nwrealestate thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 10, 2005
    Thank you for your reply

    I did check acrobat distiller and setting is for Acrobat 5 compatibility and the PDF 1 you spoke of.

    Then I checked a files security:
    Verify signatures when the document is opened is checked. (Don't know what that means)
    Then in Advanced pref. of that window:
    When Verifying I have the first one checked: Use the doc-spec method, prompt if it is not available.
    Default is: Adobe Default Security
    Then the: Require that Cerificate revocation checking be done whenever poss when verifying signatures is checked.

    Could this be the problem and if so it has affected ALL my Pdf files on my system even my old pdf's (what a mess) the only ones that seem to no have been affected are those created by someone else and sent to me.

    If this is the problem (sure hope so) how do I fix and how would it have gotten changed?

    Just discovered also that now I cannot make a pdf from my Quark document or from an eps of my quark doc. Error says it is unable to create the pdf document. However I can create pdf from another page layout program.

    I do know that something I did something different thatn normal when creating pdfs prior to this problem and that was that instead of creating a pdf from Quark, I opened acrobat distiller and from there opened the quark document to create a pdf. I never did it this way before and don/t know if that could have caused this problem.

    I am not good with solutions to strange problems, don't know if it the problem is a quark setting, acrobat setting or what.

    Would go to the quark forum to ask but it was down when I checked. Hoping someone out there is smarter than I am.

    Words cannot say how thankful I will be to resolve this issue.

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