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Aug 5, 2003
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Let me start by saying I usually use InDesign but for this project I am working on, I have to use QuarkXPress. Ahh, like revisiting an old friend, that you only want to say hello and then quickly goodbye.

Any .EPS files that I print to our HP Color Laser (3500) prints low res. It's not a postscript printer so I understand that it won't/can't print .EPS files. I'd need a RIP to handle that part. What I usually have to do is export as a PDF and that works most of the time but is there an XTension or something that will allow me to print .EPS directly out of Quark (6.5)? Any help would be appreciated!


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Jan 31, 2005
I seem to remember doing this a while ago to get my epson inkjet working with high res pictures from quark.

1. Quit your application, if it is running
2. open the Terminal application found in /Applications/Utilities/
3. copy the following command in its entirety and paste it into the Terminal window, then press the return key:

defaults write -g com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf YES

This setting is permanent, and it affects all applications on your system. If you later decide that you prefer the default behavior then issue this command instead:

defaults write -g com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf NO


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Apr 27, 2007
I'm in the same boat.

Long ago I used Quark, and now use InDesign heavily, but have ONE project that I now have to use Quark for .. ugh!!!

Before you start coding and whatnot, I'd say that you need to make sure you didn't place the picture with OPI.

Also, is the .eps a Photoshop .eps or an Illustrator .eps? If generated from PhotoShop, convert to a .tiff file and see if that corrects the issue. Many times using Quark I had this issue and a simple change in how the file was aved rectified the issue.
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