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    Does anybody know anything about

    I have two questions which I’m having trouble with acquiring the answers to.

    My main question concerns installing Qubes on to a bootable USB stick via Mac OS. Is it possible? Has anyone done it and how? Right now I’m thinking the only solution is to install a Linux distro as a VM and doing it that way, but I want to find a solution using OS X if I can.

    My second question, is more of a musing to be honest, as I have heard that it’s particularly difficult. Does anybody know anything about installing Qubes on Mac hardware?
    I have a mid 2010 i5 2.53 17” mbp that I would like to try to install it on through bootcamp ideally, or on its own as a last resort.

    Anyone have any knowledge or snippets of information or links or anything that can help me? Would appreciate the help!

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    Since Qubes OS is an operating system in itself I see little reason to believe you could install it straight from within macOS. @belvdr linked you to their HCL, which should at least give you some hints regarding the rest of your questions.
    I suspect that as usual the best laptop hardware for running operating systems it wasn’t specifically designed for would be a no-nonsense business laptop from one of the Windows PC brands, with integrated Intel graphics. It’s likely you’ll get something running on a Mac, but there’s really no guarantee that it’ll be very useful.
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    You can actually install it to a usb via Linux in terminal, it’s just I can’t get the command to work in macOS terminal. Like I said, although I would love to find away to make it natively boot on my old mbp, my primary question is how to install it to a usb via macOS. I’m not trying to run it on Mac hardware necessarily. I’m trying to make a live bootable os (stylewise-at least)
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    I tried Qubes on a 2011 MBP and had trouble with the Broadcom wireless card. Because Qubes is Fedora based, there is no firmware for that card in the base system. It is available for download, but due to Qubes' segregated design, it is tricky to get the firmware installed in the correct place. IIRC I couldn't get it to boot properly because it would attempt to load the firmware and get stuck.

    This was years ago with one of the alpha versions, so maybe it's better now.
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    OK Great thank you for that!

    So it worked other than that? I could disable the card and hardware the internet. I haven’t had chance to try it yet.
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    I believe I had to unplug the internal wireless card in order to boot it. However, it did run fairly well after that with a USB wireless adapter.
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    Cool - thanks for the advice!

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