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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by DDustiNN, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. DDustiNN macrumors 68000


    Jan 27, 2011
    I am ready to submit my first app to the App Store (I am just about to sign up for the $99/year membership). My question is, do I have to use my full name, or can I use a nickname? For example I would just like it to say DDustiNN. Is this possible?

  2. rossipoo macrumors regular

    Jun 7, 2009
    I know that you don't have to use your exact name, I have myself. Based on what I have seen, you should be able to do what you want. There are two different times during the application when you enter your name, one is for legal info, the other is your "seller" name.
  3. firewood macrumors 604

    Jul 29, 2003
    Silicon Valley
    You cannot enter a business name when applying for a standard individual account. There is a seller name where you can enter your business name when you submit your first app. But Apple is free to use your real name instead of this seller name, and has recently changed to do so in some places in the App store.

    If you want the seller name to always be a business name and not be your personal name, you will need a standard company account. That requires you to legally incorporate (not just have a DBA), and have incorporation papers ready to fax to Apple when they ask.

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