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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hi guys I have a question: I plan on deleting my Microsoft account for personal reasons but my question is what will happen to my Apple ID? I make purchases with this Outlook email (say, so what will happen when I delete it? Will I be able to use my account instead and my purchase history, iCloud data, etc, iMessage, FaceTime will stay intact?

    Thanks so much to anyone who can provide insight!
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    Your iCloud account and the AppleID used to purchase apps are separate and they cannot be merged. You don't want to abandon the Outlook AppleID account because you will lose all your purchased apps.

    Just get a new email from Gmail or Yahoo or whatever you want, then login to the above link with the Outlook account and change the AppleID and primary email for the Outlook account to the new email.

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Bummer... Guess I'll have to think on another workaround. Thank you!
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    Setup your new iCloud account. Enable family sharing and add the old Microsoft one as a family member. You will be able to access all old purchases from the new one except for in app purchases.

    To authorize the old account in family sharing invitation you may have to login iTunes in a Mac or PC temporarily since you will be logged in the new account on you iOS device.

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