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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jbforever05, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I have a quick question about authorizing computers on itunes. Several years my brother and I used our family computer seeing as it was the only one in our house. He had an ipod and used itunes and I just used windows media player since I did not have an ipod. However, there were certain songs that I desired to purchase but did not want to go spend the money to buy the whole cd when I just wanted one song. So I would just buy an itunes card and download the music from my brother's account and listen to it from there. A year or so later I got my own computer and later my own ipod. I set up itunes on my computer and tried to take my music off of his account and put it in mine. Of course I was greeted with the you can't play this file because it is not authorized to you message. So I authorized my computer so I could play the music that was authorized to his account (but that I had actually purchased). He is now getting a computer and will need to do the same thing to be able to listen to all of his music I'm assuming. I am aware that there is a limited number of computers that you can authorize and that you can also deauthorize computers. My question is can you deauthorize the original computer that the music is from (in this case the family computer)? Neither of us would be using this computer in the future and this would free up a computer in the future to be authorized.
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    Yes, you can deauthorize any computer. FYI, the limit is five authorized computers at any one time. And if you ever forget to deauthorize a computer before you get rid of it and then run out of authorizations, you can ask Apple once per year to deauthorize all of your machines and then reauthorize just the ones you're actually using.

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