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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by IgnatiusTheKing, Apr 20, 2010.

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    If I buy a used Mac that has already been registered in someone else's name and they bought Apple Care, do I re-register it in my name to get the same coverage or is it just attached to the machine and I never need to do anything?
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    just attached to the machine. you can however ask in the store about changing that back over to your name.
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    It is attached to the machine. Usually when I buy a used one, I call with the serial# and tell them I just bought a machine from someone else and would like to re-register it with my address, email and phone #. This just makes it easier down the line if you ever have to call about it but isn't necessary until you have something done to it.

    Edit: to angemon,
    Yeah, I live about 1:20 from the closest apple store or service ctr. so I've typically done all of my repairs through mail-in where they ask for your address, etc. They would have to change all of that when I tried to set up a repair, and took FOREVER. The first time, they shipped a box to the previous owner. :rolleyes:
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    ^ Even if you have something done to it, it isn't necessary to change who the Applecare is registered to. I once took in my BlackBook which was registered to someone else and they didn't even say anything. They just fixed the computer and I picked it up 2 days later.

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