Question about Cable Modems?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by RWinOR, May 7, 2011.

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    I have been renting a cable modem from Comcast. After thinking about all the money I am wasting I am now considering an actual purchase of a Modem.

    I am wondering how many of you on Cable internet still rent?
    Those of you who have purchased a modem what kind and how does it work?

    I have Comcast (xfinity) with power boost. I am getting download speeds with the rented one of about 22mbps. Will this speed up if i get one of the new standards out there? Docis3.0?

    Mine is so old, I have been renting since the pyramids where built, :) I am sure it is Docis2.0 at the newest.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I picked this up last April-- -- its Docis 3.0 and has gigabit ethernet. Its faster than my old 2.0 comcast rented router. Its faster but hard to tell. I got it mainly because I was building a gigabit network. But my recent ATV 2 purchases killed that idea...I save 5 bucks a month using my own router. Too bad I held onto comcasts router til 3 weeks ago before returning it. If comcast by you has the free service upgrade that needs Docis 3.0 then go for it. I max out at about 24 mbps on a good day. Don't remember exactly what it was w/ old modem. Definitely not that fast for sure.
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    I have the Motorola 6120 modem. It is stable.

    Also, be sure your wifi router has the newest firmware... or get a new one with 300 or 450 N speeds...
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    I got this one

    I had it for 2 years and I got it for $50.00
    Comcast is $5 to rent, so it pays for itself in just under a year.
    Now I work for Comcast also, be careful buying used modems form eBay and stuff. A tech did a job and the customer had bought her modem used from eBay. The person who she bought it from was shut down for late payment, shutting off the modem. Now the person who now has the modem couldn't use it because it was already shut off by Comcast from the previous customer who owned the modem.
    So IMO save the aggravation and just buy a new one.

    Your questions about speed. You have to get a 3.0 package (I think over 27mbps?), so getting a 3.0 modem will not help you. I have the 16mbps and I average 18-22mbps, I think paying for the 22mbps package is a waste of money.
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    That is the exact model that I got from Time Warner. I can't buy one though because of my price lock agreement. It's only been rebooted twice in the 3 months since I got it; power outage reasons. Stable and fast. Ping speed when plugged directly in is 33ms using
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    Thank you everyone who replied. It has given me information to think about.

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