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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by babond, Jan 4, 2011.

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    School is about to start and I need a laptop simply for note taking. My macbook has been acting weird as in it likes to go to sleep @ random unless plugged into a power source. I have tried a new battery and it still does it so I'm guessing it's the battery connector or logic board.

    Anywho my gf also has a Macbook that collects dust because the HD failed. I was wondering if I could clone my macbook hard drive to a new hard drive and then install the new HD on her old laptop and still be able to use both laptops with no problems. I'd like to use her reliable computer for note taking in class and still keep my laptop for everything else.

    From what I've read I think this would work just fine but would it interfere with any of the licensing on products I've bought like Microsoft word?
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    a) yes, cloning your HD to another one to put into another machine should work without problems.

    b) if only one copy of your apps is running at a time, then this shouldn't be a problem for any app - even Apple Apps.... unless you have the new MS Office 2011 for mac, which I read somewhere it changed its licensing scheme, making it dependent to the computer it was installed, to my understanding. Otherwise, no problem: most apps work under the rule that you can install them in as many machines on your household, most of them under the rule that only one can run at a time.

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    you'll want to make sure you use Carbon Copy Cloner for sure.

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