Question about degraded RAID 1

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    Disk utility is showing that my RAID 1 Is degraded. Only one drive is showing up in disk utility and the RAID set only shows one drive. Do I unplug the bad drive, boot from the good one and plug the bad one back in while the machine is running? Will this let the RAID know a drive is there and start rebuilding? This doesn't sound very smart but I've tried booting with the bad drive unplugged, shutting down, hooking it back up and no dice. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    If you have a degraded RAID1 it is usually due to hardware failure. The fact that your drive is not visible would tend to indicate that it has failed - unless you notice it is unplugged.

    Identify the bad drive REPLACE it with a good one (preferably with the machine shut down, unless you know you have hot-swappable hardware), and the array should then start to rebuild - and will take some time to do so.

    Unplugging and plugging the bad drive won't help - it became degraded for a reason.

    Unless you have tested and KNOW the "failed" drive is actually good, popping it back into the machine isn't going to help.

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