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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by prostuff1, Jun 25, 2006.

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    I will be moving into an apartment come september for college and i am trying to get stuff figured out for when i move down. I plan on getting a nice HD LCD TV that will be hooked up to W.O.W (Wide Open West) digital HD cable. It will be hooked up to there HD reciever and HD-DVR. Now that setup i understand and i dont need any help with.

    I do however want anotehr TV for in my room. I was thinking to day that it would be cool if i could just hook my iMac up and make it the TV in my room. The iMac should be big enough seeing as it is not a huge room. My question is what elgato product do i need? From what i can see and from what i have read it is either the EyeTV EZ Or the EyeTV 250.

    I guess i need some input form people that either of these. How well do they work? I dont plan on using it for anything besides watching TV (that is what the HD-DVR is for).

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    Go to this page:

    Browse through them all and compare them and buy the one that's right for you. They all use the same software, called EyeTV. It's pretty great software, designed from the ground up for the Mac.

    I use the EyeTV 500 which is HDTV-only, but it uses the same software as the rest of this lot. The EyeTV 250 is the cream of the crop for analog TV but is the most expensive. Consider that you might want a remote control. The 250 comes with one, don't know about the rest.
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    I am not sure about the broadcasting standards in the US, but I own 2 EyeTV 410s to pick up the DVB-T broadcasts here in Australia, and I gotta say, this thing rock.

    The real deal is really in the EyeTV 2 application, it is absolutely fantastic.

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