Question about Home Sharing on I Tunes?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by DustinC1, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Hey guys I have itunes on an older computer in basement and I don't have internet down there but I have a usb wifi adapter anyways I finally got a new computer and I downloaded I tunes on the new one. I have just a like 6 to 8 cds saved on this one but the ones I had on my machine down stairs are not on here. Since I have sharing between computers can I take the usb wifi adapter down stairs login to itunes and it will download everything I don't have on the one computer so there all the same? It will add stuff from each computer that isnt on the other so its one? If not is there way to do it between homesharing rather then just installing the itunes to disc or a usb drive?
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    I have 2 computers with itunes. Im wondering can I get my itunes to add the songs missing on this computer? will it add the missing songs? I know options out there for putting your itunes songs on cd or on a usb drive but I know you can share on 5 computers well I have a old computer that has itunes and has some songs on it so will the sharing combine the songs if I hook it up to internet down there? Has anyone ever heard of doing something like this? or tried it?
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    Yes. iTunes will need to be running on both computers. if you can "see" the iTunes Library on your basement computer on your new one, then select the songs that you want to import to your new Mac, and then click the Import button.

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