Question about iCloud Drive with Family Sharing

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jaybar, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. jaybar macrumors 6502a


    Dec 11, 2008
    We have one iMac with two Apple ID's and two accounts. Prior to yesterday, we had one shared Apple ID and one account.

    We are sharing out iCloud Drive (200GB) via family Sharing. When I log in with my account, I only see my files that I added, since creating the new account, on the icloud drive. When my husband logs in (primary account), he sees all the files that used to be there, but not my new files. If we are sharing an icloud drive using family sharing, should be not be able to see each others files?

    I am confused.


  2. chabig macrumors 603

    Sep 6, 2002
    A family plan let’s you share app and media purchases, and iCloud storage space. But your files are yours alone and his are his alone. Data that belongs to individual AppleIDs is kept separate, as it should be.

    I’d you want to share documents, you’d have to set that up separately. I know DropBox can do it. I know Macs can do it if your on the same network. I don’t think an iCloud solution exists for that.
  3. techwarrior macrumors 65816


    Jul 30, 2009
    iCloud allows individual files to be shared, but not folders (maybe in macOS 10.13.6?).

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