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Discussion in 'iMac' started by iSayuSay, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I have an iMac with 6970M 2GB which has been excellent for games I run via bootcamp on Windows 7 .. But after an hour of gaming, I feel the back of iMac chassis become quite hot.

    Yes, I know it's normal, and I have installed smcfancontrol on OSX, I improved fan speed on each HDD, ODD and CPU. But still, quite hot nonetheless.

    My question: If I deactivate smcfancontrol on OSX, does by default iMac will AUTOMATICALLY adjust fan speed? increase while it's hot or decrease while not on Windows Bootcamp?

    I game almost 2 hours and I didn't notice any fan speed increase or changing, although it's hot. Does iMac's fan will remain the same until it's exploded because of heat :p?

    I'm kinda worried with the heat. Although many said that the chassis would act as giant heatsink and supposed to be hot when I use it for game.

    Should I turn off smcfancontrol? Letting the iMac decide by itself? Or should I worried?
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    Yes it will, the iMac will always adjust the fan speed according to the temperatures. Doesn't matter if your if your on OSX or Windows. I always let my macs decide, I don't bother telling it at what speed to run the fans, it knows itself. And so far thats worked great :D

    The iMacs fans, as far as I know, are very quiet. They do increase the speeds to cool all the components, you might not hear it, but it does do it.

    Don't be worried about it. Thats exactly what its supposed to do. I know its not easy to not worry about it, as I burnt my finger when touching the underside of my MBP. But if it gets to hot the iMac will shut down to prevent damage to the components. You cant do anything about the heat. Nothing will get damaged.

    That depends. When your iMac is idle, or doing little, then some people prefer the fans to be higher than what the system would do, so that components are cooler. I had smcfancontrol once and my system overrode it when it got to hot, so when your system needs extra cooling I think it will do that despite smcfancontrol. Depends what you prefer. If you think about it, I guess around 85-90% of the mac users don't adjust fan speeds and the don't run into any problems.

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