Question about IMAP and GMail *URGENT*

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Apple!Fre@k, Jan 1, 2009.

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    Here's the situation: I've got a new assistant starting on Monday and I want to sync my e-mail across both my iMac and her iMac in the other room. Currently, I'm using POP to access my GMail account and have never used IMAP before but I hear that's what I need to make my situation work. My question is this:

    On my GMail server, in the All Mail folder there is more than 15,000 messages. If I activate IMAP it's going to download all of them to both iMacs in Apple Mail.

    In my Apple Mail now, there are roughly 170 in my Inbox, 4,000 in my Sent, and 1,500 in my Trash. My question is, how do I sync what's in my Apple Mail now with the GMail server so it will delete all messages except for those I currently have in my Apple Mail (the 170 in Inbox, 4,000 in Sent, and 1,500 in Trash)? I know I could log in to and manually delete all but those in my Apple Mail but that would take millennia. Is there any way to synchronize it so that the GMail server will just update with what I currently have in my Apple Mail and thus, once I activate IMAP, push exactly what's on my Apple Mail now over to the Apple Mail on my assistant's iMac?
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    I'm not sure but I reckon you're screwed. There's no way of doing this to my knowledge.
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    You cannot sync your local mail downloaded from gmail through POP back up to gmail again.

    Best you can do is activate advanced IMAP controls (through settings > labs), and start running through IMAP on both your and your assistants computers.

    There's going to be some pain no matter what you do.

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