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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gabo864, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hey everyone

    I have a quick question and I hope y'all can help me because I just noticed Apple store just went down and I can't ask them on the chat anymore.

    Anyways, when I talked to an Apple rep earlier, they told me I could pre-order and do in-store pick up on the 25th. He said I need to have an account with Verizon to be able to do this. I have an account with Verizon, but its an employee account which I can't use on the apple website.

    My plan right now is open a brand new account with Verizon through apple and pre-order my iPhone 6s, and then when the time to pick it up comes, once im at the store, I will tell them I don't wanna do the account and I want to buy it out right and have them cancel the account. Do you think this would work? I mean its like if I was canceling the order, but since they have the phone right there with me, why not sell it outright, right?
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    you can call apple on the telephone. I just talked to them and got right through. 1-800 - MYAPPLE. good luck with your plan... sounds complicated.

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