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Discussion in 'iPad' started by RopeChild, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Hello all. Let me first tell you I am extremely dyslexic and spelling / grammar is one hell of a chore for me.

    Yes I do use spell check but that is not always a help. often words look the same to me and subsequently I end up with messages looking rather odd. I felt obliged to inform you of this to avoid any unnecessary banta if you know what I mean ;)

    So with ought digressing further. I have an Ipad4 and am currently running IOS 8.3. I want to put IOS 9 on there so I can upgrade some of the apps I use. However, Apple have stopped signing this version last year.

    My question is simply.

    Can I upgrade to IOS9?

    Can you install the operating system with ought having to do it in ITunes?

    I ask this because I am wondering if there is a way of installing the OS even though it is not signed anymore. If not I would love to know why not. What is it that stops you from putting an old OS?

    Kind of like installing Win98 or XP would be no problem except you may find issues with new apps, drivers or games and such.

    I have always been very curious about this but have not found the answers online. I find it hard to read as it is, and to trawl through 100ds of WebPages is somewhat discouraging to say the least. I find in life les is more and if you need to know something, ask someone who knowes:)

    Thank you for your time and reading my post :)

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