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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by DDustiNN, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I'm wondering if the most recent API has new built-in "themes" (not sure how else to call it) for table/list views, including cells and such.

    What I mean is...

    If you compare the Contacts app to the Reminders app, Reminders looks much nicer and more aesthetically pleasing.

    The same goes for the new Google Maps app, and YouTube, etc. The views just look really nice compared to the defaults I'm used to.

    So I'm wondering, are these options built in anywhere? And where would I look? Or are these views completely custom-made? Tutorials I've been going through are only using the older API so everything just looks plain (like the Contacts app), so I just want to know if there have been some additions that I may not have seen yet.

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    Although this doesn't quite answer my question (whether or not the look of Reminders is built-in or custom), this is quite interesting. Thanks for the link! I'll run through this as well as the other tutorials on the site.

    I'm still interested in knowing about my original question though, just in case anyone else has the answer :D
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    No, there are no new built-in "themes" but the capabilities of the UIAppearance proxy have been expanded. This WWDC video might help.

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