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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by CoriG, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Sorry for reposting this... but am looking for input!

    I did do the public beta and it is working pretty well so far. No major problems. However I am curious about having to restore my iPhone 6 once the public release comes out. Do we really have to restore the phone when the public release comes out? Will we won't be able to install the public version over the public betas?

    I did not do that when I was a public beta for OS X. And if I have to do that with my phone, I may just go back to 8.2. So far there is nothing new in 8.3 that really makes me want to continue using it.


    This comes from AppleInsider:

    "The company has also provided new instructions for iOS testers to restore a shipping version of iOS to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch before the final release of iOS 8.3. To do so, testers must first erase their device, then re-install the latest shipping version — in this case, iOS 8.2 — before restoring their iTunes backup."

    Thanks for the input - I have been trying to find the answer on the website and can't find the answer!
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    That passage from AppleInsider has nothing to do with the ability to install the release version of iOS 8.3 over the beta. It only means that if you want to go back now, you can only do so by wiping the device, installing iOS 8.2 and then restoring your data from a compatible backup (i.e. a backup you made while running 8.2; you can’t use 8.3 backups on systems running an older version of iOS).

    Since the beta installation happened as a delta update, I’d wager that you can install the release version of 8.3 directly over your iOS 8.3 beta. It may require a reinstall, but then you should still be able to use your 8.3 beta backups.
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Thank you for the clarification! What do you mean by reinstall? As in swipe phone as new and then reinstall from back up?

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    Reinstalls are done through iTunes. You back up your phone first in iTunes, reinstall the OS, then restore from the backup you just made. This works fine as long as, as KALLT pointed out, the backup was made when the phone was running the same or older OS.

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