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Discussion in 'iPad' started by phositadc, Aug 25, 2014.

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    For those who use an iPad for handwriting notes, is it possible to rest your palm/wrist on the surface of the iPad while writing? Or does doing that completely screw things up because the iPad screen perceives your palm/wrist as a touch?

    Similar question for those who use an iPad to annotate and handwrite notes into PDFs. Does the fact that it uses a capacitive stylus rather than a digitizer result in lots of phantom touches from your wrist and palm while you are trying to write/highlight/underline? Or is it really not a problem?

    Appreciate any feedback. I'm trying to figure out a way to go as "paperless" as possible, and replacing printed out PDFs and legal pads with electronic versions is something I'd like to try to do, but I'm very concerned about the iPad's reliance on capacitive technology instead of a digitizer.
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    The app you download/buy should be designed to ignore your palm. Every app I've used to handwrite or even draw ignores my palm. I have no phantom touch marks to speak of that I can recall.
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    This guy does awesome videos of different styluses and their abilities. Along with different note taking apps. You might want to find out what you require to do and purchase the right stylus and app for your needs.

    Check out this youtube user....I believe he is a member of this forum as well.


    Update: he is a member of the forum http://forums.macrumors.com/member.php?u=863153 I don't think there is a person better here to answer your questions than him.

    I have the Adonit Jot Script (Evernote) and use it with GoodNotes. I think that combo would fullfill your needs and the Jot Script does have palm rejection technology. Though I am sure there are many other new styluses out there too.
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    It sounds like you are already aware that for this usage an iPad with capacitive stylus won't be anywhere near as good as a Windows or Android tablet that has active digitiser technology built into the display.

    I think the best you can achieve with an iPad is to get an stylus which uses bluetooth to communicate with the iPad in order to improve palm rejection and precision. e.g. Adonit Jot Script, http://www.adonit.net/jot/script/
    But such styluses are only supported by a few apps rather than by the whole OS.

    I haven't used one of these syluses yet, so I'd be interested to hear from others who have used Bluetooth-supported styluses and how they compare with Windows/Android active digitisers.
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    right now that is a factor of the app and/or stylus you are using. Its not built in on an iOS level. Although it is something I think should be. As should some level of pressure and smaller touch points for cleaner handwriting. Doesn't have to be the millions of levels that MS and Samsung are keen to have. but even 100-200 would be better for writing
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    Another one to consider is MyScript. They have a few apps out there. I have only used the simple demo app. It is amazingly good at handwriting recognition. That helps a lot when dealing with the coarse digitizer and small screen of the iPad. There is a possibility they will have a handwriting equivalent to a keyboard for iOS 8. We'll see.
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    Download and try Notability. Your hand actually stays on the table below the iPad and it provides an area within which you can write at the bottom of the app, but showing you a window where the actual writing is being placed on the page. You can drag that window anywhere on the page. It also had a palm rest area that you can use when needed..
    I take notes at a monthly meeting at work and I have used most all of the apps but like Notability the best.
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    Thanks @TheAppleFairy for mentioning my channel. I'm uploading a lot of new reviews at the moment, the most recent one being a comparison between the Jot Script and the new Jot Touch with Pixelpoint. I will talk about the LYNKtec styluses in the next video.

    Resting my hand on the screen works absolutely well for me with the Jot styluses.

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