Question about Iphone-Hi Speed Data-HSDPA/WiMax

Discussion in 'iPod' started by markw10, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Sep 4, 2006
    I am so excited about the iphone. I have been due for a cell phone upgrade for almost 6 months and have held off for this phone and it helps that I'm a Cingular customer already. With the next phone upgrade though I was hoping to update to the new UMTS/HSDPA high speed data.
    From what I'm seeing this phone only supports up to Edge. Is that true? Are there any possibilities of this being upgraded to UMTS/HSDPA before long? How about Wimax? I heard the possibilities of newer technologies being implimented. I'd like to think there is something like a wimax card that can be added or even a firmware upgrade but I'm sure this would require new hardware. I have to admit this device is so good that in most cases I will likely buy it and if a update comes out later deal with whether to update or not. I'm a current Cingular customer though so am curious how pricing will work on this with me such as if I'll have to pay more of just extend my contract for 2 years.
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    Yes it is just EDGE, which is disappointing. If it doesn't ship with some 3G hardware, then it won't be a firmware update to get it and it looks like there aren't many options for expandability on the iPhone...

    But its not surprising it doesn't support WiMax. WiMax will take years to be deployed to the point where it makes sense to pay for it in a device.

    The truly surprising thing is that it doesn't support 802.11n. With the better range and speed that you can get from N and Apple's recent move to N in all its products makes me scratch my head a little at its non-appearance in the iPhone.

    But I'm in the same boat as you are. I've been needing a phone upgrade and have been waiting for at least 6 months already. However, I'll have to switch to Cingular from Alltel, which is cheaper, gives you more features, more minutes and better service... kinda a difficult position for me.

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