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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pound4pound30, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I know with Apple you get to reserve the iPhone. What about AT&T? I'm an authorized user and am going to AT&T on the day of launch to get it. Is it just a matter of getting to AT&T early or do they reserve just like Apple stores?

    I would like to go to the Apple store but I have heard stories of you do need the actual account owner with you and then I hear different stories. I am not taking the risk of not getting it the day of launch.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    I'll relate my experience with the AT&T, though I think it's mainly luck of the draw and getting there early.
    I didn't get to the 3Gs launch, but at the 3G launch, I arrived at 7am and proceeded to get in the line that was formed around the AT&T building. About ten minutes before they opened an employee came out and started counting off people in line.When they got to me they said that I was that last to get any they had in stock that day and that was that, everyone else could stick around and check details and order one from the next shipment, but not take one home that day.

    (the guy behind me was ecstatic when I revealed that I wasn't planning on buying an iPhone then and that He could have my reserved one. I was younger and just wanted a chance to play with the iPhone since I had never used one before. Besides I was still trying to pay off a loan and couldn't afford the plans. XD)
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    It seems that usually there is only 1 or 2 people around 2am. Between 4 and 5 there are usually about 6 or so people. At about 6 you'll have about 20 people. And by launch it will be wrapped around the building. I don't live in a HUGE city so I can't speak for everyone but this is how it's always worked for me.
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    I reserved a phone at an AT&T store last year.

    I bought it a week ahead. On launch day I went in on my lunch break, waited in line for 5 minutes, and picked up my phone.

    They had sold out of the non-reserved phones by then so there really wasn't much of a line to speak of.
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    I preordered mine through AT&T about a week after the announcement and then got to the store at maybe 6:30 am or so on launch day. There were about a dozen people milling around outside, and then an employee came out and split everybody into 2 lines--preorders and non. I was the first preorder there so they let me into the store first and I was out and on my way back home about 20 minutes after the store opened. The delay was due to some difficulty pulling data off of my BB; otherwise, everything was smooth sailing.

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