iPhone Question about iPhone unlocking, choosing operator and using the phone out of US.

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    Dear MacRumors users,

    I'm going to USA this summer for a Work&Travel Program and the first thing I'm doing when I arrive in Michigan - is buying an iPhone 5s 32gb for myself and as I'm not that used with iPhones - I would like to ask you some questions. By the way, I'll be staying in the US for 4 months. From the middle of May to September.

    As I read - there is possibility to unlock the iPhone by IMEI, so here comes the first question:
    1. Should I buy the unlocked iPhone and SIM card separately so I could use the phone in my country (Republic of Moldova) with my native carrier - "Orange" for $750 when I come back? If yes - what operator would you recommend me for the light purpose (to be available on the phone, light amount of calls, a little 3g data)?
    2. Or should I buy locked iPhone for $300 and pay extra ~$50 to unlock it? If yes - what operator is easier and less complicated to unlock? Or I can unlock it only after ~6 months?
    3. Due to the above - is the next idea possible to implement: buying iPhones, unlocking them for total of ~$350 (if talking about 5s 32gb), sending them to Moldova where they are being sold for like $800+. Profit?
    4. And finally, if there's no mistake above and all of this is possible - do the IMEI's on the sealed package and the iPhone itself always match so I can send the IMEI to unlock without breaking the package itself?
    Alternative suggests are welcome.

    Thank you for your attention and help in advance and have a nice day. :)
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    There is no unlock for an iPhone 5S unless you buy it for full price from the Apple Store, AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.
    You can walk into an Apple Store, buy the sim free option ($749) and walk out with unlocked model you can use with any GSM carrier worldwide.

    If you can get it unlocked for less another way, fine, but there are no aftermarket unlocks in US for 5S

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    Just get a Verizon 5s. They're gsm unlocked from the get go even under contract.
  4. radiologyman, Mar 19, 2014
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    $300 for locked 32gb 5S? You are looking at a subsidized price that requires 2 year contract. Get yourself an iphone 4S or 5 that can be found cheaper if you need it in May, my guess is that a Verizon iphone will work in Moldova on both GSM and CDMA networks. You will be able to get a good deal on 5S in September, when next iphone will likely be announced.

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