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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by IronWaffle, Sep 10, 2008.

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    First time poster, so please bear with me...

    Does the iPod Touch (1g or speculating about 2g) have a sturdy playlist function? I recall reading that it didn't. I use playlists and smart playlists pretty extensively. Is this functionality as robust as it is on, say, the Classic? I particularly like that the Classic can nest the playlists. This is especially important in being able to manage my 200+/- gig media library. I don't need to carry everything with me, but playlists are a key tool for my syncing and keeping variety.

    Side questions (but not worth starting new threads and I'm only vaguely curious): Does or will it handle lyrics? Anyone know or have an educated guess?

    Background: I've currently got a 5g (30 gig) with a dying screen and limited battery power. I told myself that if they put out a 64 gig iPod Touch I'd plunk down the cash. They didn't. My options seem to be either the Classic 120 gig or the Touch 32 gig. Or waiting a few months for my 5g to completely die and see if they upgrade the capacity.

    My leaning toward the Touch boils down to wanting the WiFi (will be very useful and often used) and being able to use it as a pseudo-PDA.

    Apologies for the rambling, and thanks for any advice or constructive comments.
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    I've got a similar background, moving from a 5G 30GB ipod, except mine was stolen last week. :( But the new choices are a silver lining at least.

    Prior to the announcement I was leaning toward a 160GB classic, but now that the 32GB touch dropped $100, I think that it is a good upgrade path. Future updates are going to be focused on the Touch, iPhone and nano lines. Apps are all but dead on the classic, and flash is now up to the capacity of the 30GB models we're looking to replace.

    As for playlists, I've always used a combination of regular and smart playlists to choose what goes on the iPod. Nothing is going to be big enough to hold 200GB of music, so no matter which you go with, you need a way to choose a subset.

    I'm getting a 32GB touch as soon as they are in stock at the local store, so I'll have answers to your other questions if nobody else does before me. I'm also looking to see if the new $29 headphones are included, and if the voice recording works on the touch - they were a little vague on that at the presentation.
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    Edit/Update: I got to play with an 8gb Touch this evening and it does have nested playlist (they just refer to it as playlist folders). They were out of the 32 gb, but I was ready to buy after playing with a 1g touch and a bit with the 2g. The only thing about the 2g I can say is that the speaker is a bit tinny; we sampled two songs from the iTunes store -- the first had decent volume, but the second was inaudible. No idea what the deal was with that. Ultimately, I'm pretty excited to get this even though the minute they have a slightly larger one for $50 less I'll probably be in tears! :)

    First, I'm sorry to hear your iPod was stolen silver lining aside.

    Second, thanks for the response. I'm really looking forward to what you find out. Like you suggested, I already manage with a variety of playlists & smart playlists to manage things. The only place I'll kind'a regret not having higher capacity is as I play around with the new "Genius" playlist feature. Seems to me the more it has to choose from the more interesting its lists. On the other hand, at least I'll be able to read what's on the screen again!

    I agree that the Classic just isn't the way to go, probably. It's like throwing $250 into instant obsolescence. As I see it, as long as I'm not losing capacity I can manage (even if $399 is more than I should budget for this). Gaining access to several utility apps and having the wi-fi does take some of the bite out of it.

    In regards to one of my other questions, someone has posted in a screenshot thread a picture of lyrics on the screen, so it seems I don't have to worry about losing that functionality.

    Good luck with your purchase. Either way, I'll probably be doing the same this week or next.
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    Feb 7, 2007
    I got my 32GB ipod touch yesterday, and I have to say I'm amazed at how much the product line has progressed since the 5.5G models. I'd played with the iPhone and Touch a few times since they came out, but it's a whole different experience when it's got your own music, your own email, and the apps you want to put on it.

    I think the genius feature is going to be a big hit. I had an hour drive last night with my girlfriend, I pulled up a song she liked, hit genius, and we were able to listen to a great selection of songs that we both liked, including some that I didn't realize I had (I bought a small collection of CDs from a moving-out sale a few months ago and never really examined all of it).

    One complaint I have so far is that it isn't as good for podcasts. The album art didn't come up on one of them (not sure how it's linked, but it works in iTunes and 5.5G ipods), I couldn't find the description text, and the scrollbar isn't good for long files (an hour or more). I like to skip ahead or back 30 seconds sometimes, and you just can't get that precision like you can with the click wheel. But I can get past that, and I may not have covered the whole interface during my 20 minute commute this morning.

    EDIT: Also, the headphones included did not have the little button or mic. Couldn't test the voice recording either.

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