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  1. Travisimo macrumors 6502a

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    So Apple is rolling out its changes to the way you access previously purchased iTunes content. I read that you can now re-download previous TV show purchases, is that right? Is this only for certain shows? If I buy the Season 5 Dexter right now, for example, will I be able to stream it to my Apple TV at any time so that I don't have to keep the downloaded files on my computer?

    Ideally, I'd like to buy a TV season and have it attached to my account for downloading and/or streaming from my different i-Devices. In this way, I no longer have to keep large files on my computer - I can just stream the shows whenever I want from whichever device I'm on.

    Is this Apple's plan? And how do you know before you buy which shows support this new feature?
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    As far as I know Apple aren't supporting this yet.

    You can re-download any App purchases and any Music purchases from iTunes on your desktop and iTunes on your iOS device.

    You can re-watch any TV Episodes you've purchased using Apple TV however. This might be what you're thinking of. It's technically the same thing but you can't re-download and keep it. Although, you can re-watch it over and over by streaming.

    You never know what Apple may add in the future but at least they're giving us something!

    (I'm just glad I have a US account as this still doesn't work for UK users as well as Music!)
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    Mar 13, 2011
    Not everything is re-downloadable...

    So I don't have Netflix, but from what I've heard it works kinda like that.

    I have a season pass for Season 3 of White Collar. I think I can re-download the first one or two episodes of that season. There are about 10 out if you purchase the season right now. Bones Season 6, you can re-download the first 18 episodes, but there are over twenty total episodes in that season. Given that it ended in May, there are some obvious limitations, not necessarily Apple's decision, thus the comparison to Netflix...

    The other point in this is that if you buy the HD episode, you initially download the SD and HD version. When you re-download, it's the HD version only. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of...

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