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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by macAllen, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Hi guys I need help building my website using iWeb i have two questions so here i go...

    1. Is there any other Flash base photo view like bananalbum is there any that is easy to use and looks professional I don't like bananalbum because at the beginning of it there is a banana spinning around Example (

    2. Is there any way i could leave an image on a page while it links to another... it kinda hard to explain so ill give you guys an Example ( Do you see how ""BUILDER'S WINDOW SUPPLY"" Title says and the wood background stays on the page while you can click a link and loads the text and other images. Is there a way you could do that on iWeb?
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    I'll address number 2.

    I visited the site, checked the source on a few pages, and each page loads in the standard manner. It's a combination of iframes being used to display the content area for some pages and images being cached by the browser on all pages. Makes for quick rendering for the site in general.

    Other than using iframes, developers put a DIV with an id which will serve as the content area where they want content to display, then integrate their menu system with Ajax calls. The content will then write in place, no page reloading or refreshing. Although this could be done in iWeb by adding in custom Javascript or open source frameworks, please be warned you're now into developing code, not a static page. Also please ntoe many popular frameworks break iWeb's own Javascript when you go "outside the box".

    So I would use the iframe method, it's short and sweet and simple.

    If you consider doing more fancy coding using the DIV/Ajax method, maybe it's time to graduate to something more condusive to developing code than iWeb. Not that it's required, but in my personal opinion constantly editing code snippets via the iWeb GUI to tweak functionality and performance is time consuming and also there is no gaurantee your code won't collide with iWeb native libraries. So alot of patience and testing is required. I'd avoid that and jump up to Rapidweaver which allows code/HTML integration in an easy to use manner. My .02, others might feel differently and they're entitled.

    Hope this helps you with your second question.


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