Question about Jailbreaking 3GS on 3.1.3

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by povsicf, Apr 27, 2010.

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    I have an iPhone 3GS on 3.1.3 with latest boot rom and I am not sure if it has been previously jailbroken or not. I would like to try jailbreaking and I know that as long as the SHSH was saved on Saurik's servern I should be good. The thing is that I tried pwnage tool 3.1.5 and when I get to the part where its supposed to put my phone into DFU mode it does nothing. I'm just curious to know if maybe I'm doing something wrong. Is there another way I can do it, or maybe a different software I can use. Also if anyone knows or has an idea of when a new release for a jailbreak on the latest firmware is coming out, it would be a great help. Thanks for your help and info in advance. Take care.
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    You dont use pwnagetool while you're on official 3.1.3.
    First you have to try and restore it back to stock 3.1.2.
    Try this:
    If it doesnt work and doesnt let you restore to 3.1.2 then it means you dont have your SHSH's saved thru Sauriks server. In that case your SOL and not much you can do but wait for a new JB.
    If you're luck and it does go thru and restores to 3.1.2 you can then JB it with redsnow and stay at 3.1.2
    Latest bootrom 3GS models cannot be updated to custom 3.1.3 IPSW's created with pwnage.

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