Question about keeping unlimited data plan with iPhone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iPhone3GCrazed, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Hi everyone.

    Today's been a wacky day and I'm sure there's other threads out there that are similar to this, but none that I've read match my situation exactly. Here's the story:

    Back in March of this year, my iPhone 3G was stolen. I then activated a Palm Centro and opted to keep the $30/month smartphone unlimited data plan (Called "SMT Personal" on AT&T bill). What I'm wondering is, will I be able to transfer my current unlimited data plan to my new iPhone 4?

    I asked this question on AT&T's Facebook page earlier this morning; the screenshot of the Q & A is here:


    But basically, they said yes, I'll be able to keep it when I upgrade to the iPhone. Just wondering if that's jiving with what everyone else is hearing. I mean it's straight from the source, but I'm just a worrier that needs some reassurance.

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    This would be a billing question for AT&T. If asking via the FB page is an official word, you have your answer. Otherwise I would call AT&T or chat with a rep on their website for more information. :)

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