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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Cecek, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    so I have a MPB from middle 2011 and I had some problems with it after 2 years. The battery stopped working and the computer seemed to get a lot slower than before, which I thought happened because some of the fans stopped working. So I had it fixed at a "Authorised Service Provider", but all they did was they gave me a new battery and reinstalled the OS. So when I got it back, I tried checking if everything was ok. So I opened the iStat widget and it still showed just the "Exhaust" fan, but the technician there told me that it is fine, that the computer just has one fan in it. I'm pretty sure I remember having more than one fan, because I used the fan control app before.

    So yeah... how many fans does my computer really have?

    "About This Mac" screenshot:

    iStat screenshot:
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    Just for reference, the 2011 models were early or late, no middle 2011, so I'm guessing yours is an early model, though honestly fan wise there is no difference.

    You didn't mention what size MacBook Pro you have. If you have a 13" MBP from 2011, there is only one fan. If you have a 15" 2011 model, there are two fans, a right and a left.
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