Question about Native NTFS support in Snow Leopard


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Nov 22, 2009
Pennsylvania, USA
Hi folks, just joined.
I routinely transfer files bigger than 4GB between Windows and OSX.
Right now I use ntfs-3g and macfuse.
It seems to work, but every now and then I get file transfer errors, like error -36. The jump drives are fine, and the files are OK since I can transfer them to the PCs without a problem.

With the "hack" that enables native NTFS R/W for Snow Leopard, I notice people have to enter the UUID of each volume for it to automount.
Isn't there a way to set it up so one can just pop a jump drive in and have it automount? I'm dealing with DV files, and each machie is on a different network - different site so I'm pretty much stuck using removable drives.

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