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Discussion in 'macOS' started by nightsky971, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Jul 23, 2010
    I just jumped over to OSX from Windows this past summer. Since getting my rMBP there have been a couple of updates to OSX (ex. 2.0 graphics update, EFI, ect.). I had an issue and had to do a clean install this past weekend. After doing so these updates were not available.

    I'm assuming updates are incorporated into OSX as they are released, and subsequent downloads of OSX already include them. Is this the case?
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    Your post is missing some details. What version of OSX came with your rMBP? What version was on it when you did the clean install? What version are you running now? The way to determine what you have now is to go to the Apple icon in the upper left and pick "About this Mac". You should get a three part number, something like 10.8.2. If your number is 10.8.2 now then you are all set as 10.8.2 is the latest version of OSX.

    If you aren't sure if you have all the updates, launch the app store. Starting with Mountain Lion, software updates for the OS come through the app store, not the "software update" menu item under "about this mac". You can still do it from there but it simply launches the app store.
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    Yes it is. For example, when 10.8.2 came out... within a couple days the full install from Apple's servers was also updated to 10.8.2. So if you did a clean install of the OS after 10.8.2 came out you would get a clean install of 10.8.2 and not need to install the 10.8.2 update.

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