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Mar 11, 2011
I love this new feature on my 4s, but has anyone found a way to get rid of the "curving" effect it creates on the picture? I noticed in the Apple commercial for the panorama it doesn't curve the picture at all. I like the effect on some pictures I take, but it would be nice to get a true panorama for others.


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Jul 7, 2011
I'm wondering the same. If I just move the phone in a straight line it almost condenses the picture.


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Apr 18, 2010
This is easier to do in a "regular" picture mode because you need to be the one moving horizontally with the camera or on some kind of dolly, not the camera rotating as you stay still. Then you use photo-stitching software to line up all the non-curved shots. The iPhone has to be sweeping the panorama in order to activate the feature - resulting in the curvature.

I suppose one solution would be to stand a bit farther back to get the whole scene in the final shot, and then do your best to crop out the edges. There are also many apps to stitch the photos from the phone or you could load them up in Photoshop etc.


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Nov 16, 2011
There's really no way of getting around it, though you can minimize the effect by properly choosing your composition. The "curved look" is going to be most prominent when you have a straight-line object in the foreground that is perpendicular to your line of sight (e.g. shooting a 180 degree panorama of the buildings across the street). If the subject is far away (mountains) with no such perpendicular lines in the foreground (a fence), then it will be much less noticeable.

Look at the panorama picture thread to get an idea of which compositions work and which don't.

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