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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by ayres, Nov 26, 2011.

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    i noticed that i'm unable to back up my photos and videos from my phone to iphoto. the phone does not appear in iphoto when plugged in. of course, i could simply use photostream to save the images to iphoto, but i need to save my videos, which photo stream does not do.

    someone at the nearby apple store said to select the 'backup to computer' option for my phone in itunes. and i have. still, my phone does not show up in iphoto.

    any ideas?
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    No," back-up to iCloud" or "back up to computer" means contacts, e-mail etc. You don't want to do both otherwise you could duplicate the data everywhere. It does NOT mean photos. (Shows you what a bunch of sad-sacks work at Apple Stores)

    The phone should still pop up in iPhoto when connected to your computer, regardless of this choice.

    There is a setting in preferences of iPhoto about auto-opening when you plug in the phone. (it used to be under a drop-box in the general tab in preferences.)

    If you have photo stream turned on, and some of the photos have been syncd via photo-stream to your computer, iPhoto will pop up a dialog box asking if you want to re-import those particular photos when you try and import from the phone via the USB.

    You can also choose if you want to auto-import from photo-stream to the Photo library (i.e keep it beyond 30 days), which is the default behaviour, and also tell it if you want to export photos imported form other sources to photo stream.

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