Question about porting number from Verizon to AT&T

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    Quick question

    My husband has had a company cell phone with the same phone number for years. His company has their plan on Verizon Wireless. He will be leaving this company soon and needs a new phone. I offered to put him on my plan and get him a new iPhone 4.

    Where it gets complicated is that he wants to keep his current (company) phone number, since all of his clients and associates know this number already and he will still be in contact with them after he leaves the company.

    He asked his company if he can take his phone number and they said YES.

    NOW - I called AT&T Wireless and told them this story. They said that his company would need to fill out a transfer of service from so that we can port the number over. I tried looking this up online and found an "Assumption of Liability" form - but this looks like it is to create a separate Verizon Wireless account under my husband's name (or should it be my name, since it is going under my AT&T account?). Is this what we should be doing or is there another form? Once this is done, we can go to the Apple Store and get the ball rolling?

    I'm trying to avoid calling Verizon since I don't have an account with them, but maybe I have to. Just thought I'd ask here first.
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    He will have to probably have his company switch his account into his name.
    And then he could port it when the phone number is under his name to whatever company he wants.

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