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Question about push notifications


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Feb 6, 2011
I've read that there is only 1 way for push notifications to get to your phone, and that's through Apple's server specifically for that purpose.

I've read with one app enabled for push notifications, it's gonna use the same amount of juice as if you had 10 apps with push notifications enabled since it all comes from 'THE' 1 server.. so 1 app or 10 apps, there is only 1 connection at all times to 'the' server.

Anybody know if this has any truth to it?

Also, under settings > notifications, are all of the apps set to display in the notification center using push? Or is there a specific "push" settings somewhere?

edit: Here's the article talking about the server thing.. maybe I'm just misunderstanding it:


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Jan 2, 2012
From what I read, you're correct - only 1 active connection.

But if you ask me, more notifications = more beeping / vibrating = phone wakes up more = use more juice


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Jul 6, 2011
CA Central Coast
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I agree. Only enable push for those things you really need. Not only do they contribute a lot to battery drain, but they also sometimes interfere with whatever you are doing because they function in the background.


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Dec 27, 2011
Li, NY
I just put me Iphone 4 on the MS Mail Server (exchange) using active sync and pushing mail and calendar. My battery just misses lasting a full day. I am not upgrading until the next iphone incarnation as both my kids have the 4S and its not "that much more anything" than my 4. I dont need Siri and my phone is fast enough for me. I bought mine off craigslist juist to see if I liked it. I am still struggling to adapt myself the the keyboard coming frm a crackberry and a few features I have not found yet on the iphone but I am working those out slowly.
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