Question about restoring my sluggish 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by theDUB, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I searched and I failed.

    Here's my main question: When you perform a restore from a back-up does it restore all your app data? For example, if I restore my iPhone to factory settings, then restore it from a back-up will my Real Racing career be right where I left it? Will my Harbor Master high scores be there? Will my Sportacular favorites be there? Will my MotionX GPS saved tracks be there? Will get the idea.

    And the reason I ask, if you are interested: I've had my 3G for about 14 months now and it has become unbearably slow and unresponsive. Just now it took 2 seconds to open Contacts, 3 seconds to open Messages, and 8 seconds to open iPod. It lags when I type, it doesn't scroll through the home pages smoothly, everything I do takes longer than it used to. Just earlier today I was comparing my phone to a friend who has had her 3G only a few months and hers did everything faster.
    I assume, just like any other computer, that as you use it collects a bunch of junk that eventually degrades performance. My phone has been through many firmware updates and seen many apps come and go.
    I do a fresh, clean install of my PCs OS every few years, I guess it's time to do the same with my iPhone.

    What is the best way for me to proceed? Should I do a restore through iTunes then restore from the back-up? Will that bring it back to its factory fresh performance? Or will all the crap that buggering it up just be brought back with the back-up data? Is there a better way to wipe the phone clean then install the latest firmware and restore the back-up?

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    A backup will get back all your app settings and game saves, however, "all the crap that is buggering it up will just be brought back with the back-up." So, you have two choices:
    1. Restore as new, but lose all your app data.
    2. Reset all settings (NOT erase all content and settings), which is like restoring as new, and will not lose your app data.

    AGAIN, Reset all settings (NOT ERASE ALL CONTENT). I added this twice, since so many people make this mistake and screw up their iPhone.

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