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    Sep 15, 2008
    i have read and heard people talking about ringtones for iphone that you could make a regular mp3 into a ringtones by just changing the extension. but i tried that... i guess my question is. can someone tell me where can i find a tutorial of the steps to follow to achieve this? i dont think it is fair to pay apple the prices for this when buying the iphone is expensive enough. thanks guys. :)
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    are you on a mac? if so and you have garageband, you can create ringtones in garageband (max 30 seconds) and export ringtone to itunes for free. However they can't be protected files - must be off a cd or an itunes plus file.
    Any help?
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    Sep 8, 2008
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    a great tutorial but i found (itunes 8, mac) that it cuts the ringtone off by about half a second at the end which can be annoying if you want a song to run neatly as a loop. Great link!
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    hey guys thanks for the replies. great posts. i saw the tutorial on youtube. sweeeeet. also thanks for the one that suggested garageband for mac. i do have both pc and mac and i hang out more on the pc rather than on mac. thanks a lot.
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    IF windoze:

    1. Open iTunes 8 and locate the song you want to use as a ringtone.
    2. Right Click song and go to GET INFO
    3. Go to the tab: OPTIONS
    4. In that menu you will see: START and END. Check both boxes and type in the time you want the ringtone to start and the when you want it to end.
    5. Click ok after you are done, now you can just play the song to test it to make sure everything is correct.
    6. From there right click the same song and convert to AAC
    7. And after it has finished, you will hear a tone, and see your newly created AAC song right under neath the original song.
    8. You can tell the difference because of the time on the song, where as for example my orignal song was 4min long the newly created one is only 5 secs long.
    9. Navigate to: My Documents, and in there find the MUSIC folder, and then locate the ITUNES folder then ITUNES MUSIC folder. After double clicking that, you will see a new folder in the name of the artist you ahve created. So I used T.I. Whatever you Like, in my ITUNES folder, it shows T.I. Whatever You Like. Go in there and you will see that your new Ringtone is in a m4a format. You should enable to UNHIDE extensions so that you can right click and rename. (I will detail this further below.)
    10. Just right click the file, and select rename the file to .m4r extension instead of m4a when you hit ENTER it will show as a ringtone now.
    11. Last step, double click the file and if you have iTunes 8 itll automatically show up in the rigntones folder, and all you do is sync your phone and then go to Settings, and Sounds, and then set the ringtone as default.

    **How to unhide Extensions:

    Open up My Computer go to Tools at the top. And go to Folder OPTIONS, Click on the VIEW TAB. Scroll down and find HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES. Uncheck that and apply, and ok and your good to go.

    Hope this helps

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