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    This may be a really dumb question and I have tried to find the answer and I think I have found the answer, but I wanna ask this question on here just to be sure, I have searched the forums and still can't find my answer, so bash me if you want and I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

    My question is do all of the new 2011 MBP have Sandy Bridge processors? I have a 13" MBP 2.7GHz the most info I can find is this "The new line of Sandy Bridge processors was present in the Early 2011 MacBook Pro refresh" which this doesn't state which MacBook pros, I'm assuming all MBP have sandy bridge, but like I said I just want to make sure.

    One more quick ? Is there a way to look on my Mac to see what processor I have in my MBP, I'm completely new to Mac and still kinda learning how to find things.

    Thank you, and again sorry if this has been asked or is a dumb question.
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