question about screen protector for iphone 8+

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by kevinf1990, Sep 25, 2017.

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    I have been using Spigen's crystal dry application screen protectors on my iphone 6s plus. I now have an 8 plus. Spigen's screen protectors have been pretty good for my use. I don't like wet application screen protectors as well as glass screen protectors either. What are your recommendations for dry application film screen protectors?

    Also does 6s plus screen protector fit the 8 plus? it looks like it should fit.
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    Have t seen any good private screen protectors
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    A 6S screen protector may not fit the 8 Plus because of the earspeaker hole is a bit wider on the 7 and the 8. It may work but you may end up having some ear piece covered.

    Is there a reason not to like the glass screen protectors? Genuine Question.
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    [Is there a reason not to like the glass screen protectors? Genuine Question.[/QUOTE]

    This. I used film protectors for years due to a bad experience with one of the early glass screen protectors (I think for the 4s or 5). Then I tried one for my 6S, and it was awesome. Much easier to apply because of its stiffness, and the adhesives are much more forgiving (e.g., a small piece of dust will not cause the screen to lift). They are more expensive, and are also much thicker generally (which can put people off), but if you get the Tech Armor "Prime" protector (.2mm), it's more than acceptable. I don't both with film protectors anymore, unless there is no alternative.
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    I tried Zagg Glass this time on my 8+ only because that was the screen protector they had in stock when I picked up my phone. Previously I'd used Zagg HDX. For film, that's the best I've found. It's almost like the standard film and glass had a baby. After using glass for a mere 5 days, I'm not sure I'll ever go back to film. It literally melds into the screen and is barely noticeable. No matter how good I was putting the film on, there's always a bubble or imperfection. Always.
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    Just the info that I was looking for. I've owned/used every iPhone since 3Gs in 2009 and have never used any type of screen protection because I'm exceedingly careful about the way I treat the devices. This time I paid more than ever before for the iPhone (since AT&T no longer does contracts with subsidized purchase cost). There are a lot of posts about scratches from users who never had a problem before. Because I will pass my current iPhone 6s Plus on to my son, I ordered Zagg protectors for that iPhone and my new iPhone 8 Plus. Thanks to all who recommended based upon their own use.

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