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Discussion in 'macOS' started by markw10, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I have been with Windows for years and just bought my first mac, a C2D MBP a couple months ago. Later this year I plan to upgrade my main desktop computer which I use as a server to a Mac Pro. I currently have a Brother printer/copier/fax machine combo that is hooked up to my Windows XP desktop and set up to share across the network which works great when printing from my MBP through the network. When I switch this over to OS X will I still be able to share it across the network? It is a USB printer.
    One reason I ask this is I'm very interested in the new airport express base station. The only thing I dont' like is it doesn't support gigabit LAN. Yet I figure one way around that is to get the Mac Pro with Wi-Fi installed which I assume (I'm waiting for next generation) will have n networking. That'll take care of the 100mbps bottleneck. I am looking at other brands of routers though which in many cases include gigabit lan. They don't include the usb port though which I'm very interested in for the printer.
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    I have an Airport Express. Once the printer was plugged into it, the mac detected it flawlessly. Installing "Bonjour for Windows" had my windows laptop discover it flawlessly too. Both the windows pc and the mac needed to have the printer's drivers installed on it, though.

    Bonjour for windows, if the printer is bonjour capable, should pretty much guarantee that your PC will see the printer on the airport express.

    I've never tried accessing a printer attached to a mac via a windows computer, so I'm not sure how well this works.

    Just be advised, you can't scan through an airport express, as far as I know.

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