Question about shelf battery life


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Nov 16, 2012
Hey guys/gals!

My watch was delivered on the 9th but it is still sealed/unused because I'm waiting for a family member to take a trip here :) when they come I won't be able to collect the goods right way because they will spend a few days on a resort etc so I'm expecting to have it on my hands between the 27th or the 3rd of July.

Reason is still unused well they know I really love open new stuff :p but it's been a while now and I'm worrying the battery was not fully charged and it's probably dead by now, I know that's never a good idea so I just wanted opinions with people that might had experience with the watch or similar electronics in this kind of situation.

Anyway should I tell him to open it and charge it (un boxing ruined :eek:) or I wouldn't have any problems waiting this long?

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 24, 2009
It can sit there for a very long time without no ill effect. Don't worry. Just keep it in a cool place
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Apr 30, 2012
im sure, turned off, it will still have plenty of charge left for awhile. i turned on my old Motorola iC902 the other day (which i havent used in like 4+ years) and it still had a small charge left believe it or not. i was shocked.
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