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    Mar 5, 2010
    I have a MBP, OS X 10.6.6, SL installed. I was told tonight from a Contributor on the Adobe forum that people should always keep Flash and shockwave Player installed with the latest update.

    would it make any difference if I installed Shockwave Player? If so, is there a special way to install it like there is with Flash (following the uninstall then the install instructions)?

    thanks for any opinions :D
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    There's no "special" Flash procedure unless you're running betas--if you're using the regular, release version, the installer is all I've ever used on the dozen or so systems I manage, and it's never caused a problem. (In fact, it's about the only Adobe installer that HASN'T screwed something up horribly at one point or another--Adobe's updaters are famous for their level of incompetence and ability to break things.) Maybe you're thinking of Windows? I've frequently seen the automatic Flash updater for the ActiveX plugin fail to actually do anything, but I've never had the Mac installer not work.

    As for Shockwave, I'd just grab the current installer and run it, but are you actually using anything that requires Shockwave? I'm not big on web games, so maybe it's more prevalent than I know, but I don't have Shockwave installed and today, when I went looking for such a beast, was literally the first time since probably the 90s that I found something that required Shockwave rather than just Flash.

    Amusing aside: In the "about plugins" screen in Safari, Flash is still referred to as "Shockwave Flash"--that term hasn't been in widespread use since at least when Adobe bought Macromedia, probably earlier than that. I'd wager the average web user today thinks Shockwave is the name of a Transformer.
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    Mar 5, 2010
    BUt, I

    I have always had a big problem by just downloading the update and trying to install it. I found out from Adobe they do not recommend ever just installing the update, but one must remove the older Flash version first and follow the instructions here,prob1=uninst,os=m10.6

    There is one Instruction sheet to uninstall and one to install. I wonder why you just download the new update like the latest major one just released and you do what once it is in the download folder? I am curious what you do and that you have never had to follow the Instructions on the link I provided. I do not have any betas, but what do you mean by betas? Flash betas? or any beta at all in my MacBook Pro?

    I was told by calling Adobe that Shockwave Flash is what Macs install it as for some reason. It is not the same as shockwave Player, which I am sure you know. I have no idea how to tell if I need shockwave or even Flash, but if I uninstalled Flash I bet I could tell how I need it. So you have never installed shockwave Player which is not Shockwave Flash? How would one know if they needed it?
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    Aug 15, 2001
    The Cool Part of CA, USA
    Well, to start with, Shockwave player has a completely separate installer, and you'd know you needed it if it wasn't installed and you went to a site that displayed a "plugin required" message. Pretty much limited to some online action games, although even most of those are Flash based now, not Shockwave. Not that it'd hurt to install it, it's just not worth bothering with unless you run across something you want to play that actually requires it, at which point you can install it.

    As for Flash, I have three computers at home and manage about a dozen Macs at work, plus a few Windows boxes, and as far as the Mac goes, it's always been quite simple: You go to the Flash download page, which will suggest the correct version for your browser and OS. You click the "Download Now" button, and get a disk image called "install_flash_player_osx_ub.dmg" (annoyingly, it's ALWAYS called that, regardless of version, which makes managing installer archives difficult). Mount the disk image, double click the installer ("Install Adobe Flash") on the disk image, provide your admin password, and wait about fifteen seconds. It will ask you to quit your open web browser(s), which you'll have to do.

    This reliably replaces the old version with the new one on the Mac, and has for the past several OS revisions on every system I've ever run it on. You can confirm that you got the right version running by firing up a browser and going to the Flash Version Test Page--the little box on the right shows you what version is installed, which you can compare to the version number table below.

    Do you have some sort of unusual setup? What error are you getting that's requiring you to do a manual uninstall first?

    Finally, on the beta versions of Flash, Adobe sometimes publishes public beta versions of future Flash releases on the Adobe Labs site (Flash 10.2 came out a couple of days ago, so there's currently no beta version up). Those, at least according to the instructions, require a manual uninstall if you want to revert to an older version (which, being Beta, there's a good chance you might). But I've never seen this to be necessary with release versions.

    Windows, incidentally, is a different story--I've seen the Flash AcriveX control flat-out fail to update unless I manually downloaded the installer and ran it. The issue may have been with the ridiculous Adobe Downloader plug-in that handles the tiny Flash download on Windows, but probably half the systems in a small school computer lab I was updating at one point had issues.
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    Mar 5, 2010

    I see so many people with Macs that just download the latest Flash update and install it. I did that the last update and it crashed my system. that was the first time I updated Flash or what my Mac calls shockwave Flash. so on the Adobe forum I found a cool lady who helped me. she said you have to go through a much more involved procedure. I thought; "well, whay doesn't the download tell one that they have to uninstall the previous version before the new one is installed." so when I read that people with Macs just install the download for Flash I do not get it. Have you updated the latest version of flash? 12.2 I think?

    anyway for this latest version let me show you what the lady sent me to install this latest Flash update. Because of the crash before I am nervous to not go through this detailed procedure.

    I am curious to hear what you think about this. why would one Mac user just be able to install the new update and some like me run into all this trouble? I read on the forums some people who have the same bad experience with Flash and get so pissed off that updating Flash messed up their computer. the lady that helps me says that Adobe does not recommend just installing Flash until you follow the instructions I pasted below.

    Here it is--

    Hi, I am listing everything in this message, hope it's easier for you.

    This is the Uninstaller:
    This is the Installer:
    You will download and SAVE the Uninstaller choosing a location where you can find it. You sometimes have to open or unstuff the .dmg file.
    Go to the Installer site enter Step1 & Step 2, Download now, click agree if you need to if it comes up, UNcheck Google Toolbar if you see it and don't want it, you may see it in two places so watch for it or anything else you don't want.Click the Agree And Install Now button to continue with the download. The Downloads window appears. If you don’t see the Downloads window, choose Window > Downloads from the Safari menu. Notice that the Flash Player installer has been downloaded to your computer.

    Now you should have the Uninstaller SAVED and the Installer SAVED

    Now you are ready to Uninstall. Close browser windows. If you have any instant messengers like yahoo, msn or any of the others, disable them for now. Re-enable after Flash Player is Installed.

    Run the Uninstaller then restart your computer, then Run the Installer and restart after that.
    Then you can check at this site and it will display the new version:
    The new version is

    That is it.

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