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    My girlfriend and I just got our black iphones about 3 weeks ago, and she has now decided that she would like a white one. I'm assuming that since we have a 30 day return period, I can bring her phone back to AT&T and have them swap it for a white one for just the price of the restocking fee.

    My question is; her phone is jailbroken. Do I need to reset it and present it to them unjailbroken? Will they simply clone her phone onto the new iphone and I don't have to do anything? Just curious as to how the process works.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes, you will have to pay a restocking fee and have to go thru alot of paperwork to release you out of your 2 year agreement you signed with the black iphone and then purchase another one in white and sign another contract etc...
    You should restore it to stock firmware when bringing it in. Back it up on itunes before you go in and then when you bring the white one home you do a restore from backup.
    They dont clone or do anything like that at the AT&T store, its all done with itunes.
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