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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jbame, Sep 10, 2015.

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    First the details: mom and I are currently on a familytalk plan at AT&T. Total bill averages 155 per month. I have unlimited data while she has 3 GB which she never even comes close to. However I am sick and tired of getting throttled after 5 GB a month since my average usage is 13 GB. Lastly she has an iPhone 5 16 GB I have an iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB . She is off contract and fully upgrade eligible. I am 12 months into my contract from launch day last year .

    So my current ETF would be about 225$. My question is would I be able to take her upgrade and buy a new iPhone 6 Plus S from AT&T on launch day on a new two-year contract for 299. And then once I receive that could I switch to T-Mobile. T-Mobile would then pay the 225 ETF on my line as well as the 325 ETF on her line. We would then trade in her iPhone 5 to T-Mobile and order her a $20 per month iPhone 6s 16 GB, while I would bring my own device (iPhone 6+S 64gb from att).
    We would sign up on a T-Mobile family plan where I would get unlimited data (and they don't throttle until 21 GB unlike AT&T would throttle at five), and my mom would get three GB per month for grand total of 120 a-month for the plan plus $20 per month for her iPhone 6 thru T-Mobile jump. This would make the grand total of the monthly plan $140 plus taxes and fees which would come out right around 155 which is what we currently have on AT&T

    Essentially T-Mobile would pay AT&T $550 for the two ETFs And I would get a brand-new iPhone 6 Plus S 64 GB from AT&T for 299 and then turn around on them and cancel saving me $550 for a new phone.

    Does anyone see any flaws in this plan?

    thanks for the help
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    Sep 26, 2012
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    Sorry, I mostly skimmed through but here's the deal. First of all, Review T-Mobile's switch website.

    A quick summary is that T-Mobile will only reimburse ETF if you trade in the phone that is being reimbursed (called Device Payment Plan), and only up to $650 (up to $350 ETF reimbursement per line + up to $300 for the phone). You will not be able to keep the phone.

    Furthermore, AT&T's iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus) are the only iPhone models that lack CDMA EV-DO bands, which could affect resale value.

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