Question about Sync/Backup of Deleted Apps

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  1. pork917, Apr 12, 2014
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    New to Apple/iPhone and hope you guys can help me out. Needed space on my phone last night while shooting a large HD video so I had to pretty much delete every app on my phone. I have since removed the video after uploading it. I want to know if there is any possible way to get all my apps back in the same spots they were before? Some info:

    * I last did a sync/backup on last Sunday
    * All my apps were uploaded into iTunes on my last sync/backup

    If i do a restore from backup, will it put everything back in the same places? I understand I am gonna lose stuff like messages and any history in my apps (whatsapp, viber, etc..) from the last week. If i do a sync before the restore from backup, will it save that stuff? Or is it gonna mess with the restore from backup and getting my all apps/app locations back? Thanks!
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    Aug 26, 2009
    I've restored an iPad from my backup before and everything was put back into place except for the media (i.e. music, videos).

    So the answer is yes it will.

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