Question about syncing iPad to new laptop, when it's already been sync'd to iCloud...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Azzin, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Azzin, Jul 28, 2012
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    So my neighbour has an iPad 2, that was (about a year ago he thinks) sync'd to iTunes on his laptop.

    That laptop has suffered a painful death and he's just carried on using his iPad.

    He's now got a new laptop and would like to use that to now add content to the iPad, but is obviously worried that if he syncs it (for example to add some photos), it will wipe his iPad and he'll end up with nothing on it except for the standard "out of the box" apps.

    Presumably, he could then just sign in to the App Store on the iPad and re download the apps so that's not an issue, but he has progress in some games and stuff saved in some apps (I think one of them is called "Things").

    If nothing else, he's safe as he has an up to date iCloud backup, but how can he now add stuff to the iPad (photos being the one he's really interested in).

    Hopefully that makes sense!

    Cheers gurus!
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    It should be fine. I sync my iPad all the time to my computer and it's aslo synced to iCloud. As long as the laptop has the same itunes sign in as he uses on his iPad, his computer will just recognize the purchased content and leave it there. It shouldn't remove anything.

    If anything, it'll probably copy the apps and content over to his laptop's iTunes directory.
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    London, England.

    The issue is that he's certain he's already sync'd it to his now dead laptop, so what will happen if he plugs in into his brand new laptop-surely it will wipe everything in it and he'll lose data that has been saved within apps?
  4. Defender2010, Jul 28, 2012
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    You need to make sure iTunes on the new computer is authorised using his Apple ID. You can do this from - STORE - in iTunes.
    iTunes will in fact try to wipe the iPad of apps if it is being synced to a new computer (and they don't exist in iTunes library), so you have to be aware of this. The best way, personally, is to download all the apps he has on the iPad to iTunes and before you do anything disable "automatically sync devices in the EDIT - Preferences pane in iTunes so it doesn't try to sync as soon as it is recognised in iTunes.
    Once plugged in, if you go to the APPS tab in iTunes (from the main screen that shows the devices memory usage etc.) and click the tick for sync apps. You will need to make sure every app that is currently on the iPad is ticked here, and when you sync it, none will be removed. (It may remove folders or ordering of apps though).

    If there is music or books on the device that were previously added via iTunes on the old computer, these will disappear unless exact copies of them exist in iTunes. Again, go to the tabs and make sure the sync tick is on , and all the (for example) books are also ticked. Only then will none be removed.
    It is useful here to make a backup in iTunes, so observe that one is made. You can find it in EDIT - PREFERENCES - DEVICES (it will show backups here)

    I recently had this issue, and I made sure the new laptop had all my books, tones and apps from iTunes before syncing and it synced without deleting anything. Music - I use iTunes Match so it takes care of that. Settings etc for the iPad will not be erased unless you need to restore it to new!

    Hope this helps! :)

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