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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Cerpin Taxt, May 10, 2010.

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    May 10, 2010
    This is mostly based from a MacBook pro, but involes other apple products. It might be a bit of a read so all help is greatly appreciated.

    So here's the scoop:

    Recently at college my MacBook pro shut off while charging for absolutely no reason. Support says logic board since it isn't the battery. As of now the hard drive is out of the laptop and has been available for file transfer use to another device, but hasn't been done yet. So the harddrive is just out now.

    Up until now I had been using my iphone 3G to use the internet and other apps. I had purchased a few tv shows and songs under my itunes account. Now recently I had just been given an iPad from my dad. I don't know how registration for this thing works, but if it registers as I thought, which would be like the iPhone its under a certain name on one computer. Now if that is the case, I deleted all the apps he got and got some under my account.

    Now my question is, when I sync this thing to my hopefully new MacBook sometime soon, will the apps ive purchased through this name sync on the MacBook in itunes under apps even though this ipad wasn't registered to my computer under my info. Also, when I get my new MacBook when I transfer all the files from my old hard drive, will I have all of my old itunes music, tv show, movie, and apps, or will it ask me to redownload them? Basically, do I need my own ipad to get my purchased apps and other media onto my iTunes or can I use my account on someone elses and it will still sync. Also I hope this will all sync like my old MacBook did if I get a new one. Thanks to anyone who helps!!
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    I thought so, but when I synced my iPod Touch with my new computer, it deleted all of my apps even though I'd copied my iTunes library directly over. You can thank Apple's DRM for that. Re-downloading the apps was free, but I couldn't remember all of the apps that I had installed or how they were arranged on my home screens. So I do suggest that you take a screenshot of each of your home pages (by pressing both physical buttons on the device at once, which should cause the screen to flash) so that you can restore the iPhone or forthcoming iPad to its original state. The screenshots should show up in the Photos application.

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