Question about TouchID on the tbMBP 16/17


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Aug 16, 2011
Beyond the Thunderdome
I'm considering to get one more less soon since I have to move abroad for few months (or weeks maybe). so...

I may configure TouchID only to unlock the screen from suspension (as for Apple Pay, etc) but not unlock the boot disk from a cold start? so at boot will mandatory on my system to introduce the unlock code on the keyboard. (so my system cant be unlocked with just an faked fingerprint in case its stolen)

Another question is for those using ruggerized Cases as i-Blason or UAG: which is best? do you have any regrets on iBlason or UAG ?

Trey M

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Jul 25, 2011
Ya bigdogn12 is correct it will always require the typed-in password upon system boot.

This is very similar to iOS when it requires your passcode/password upon system boot. It's actually a pretty neat security feature. If you were suddenly in a scenario where you immediately needed to secure your data, you could just power off your Mac/iPhone and your device would be as secure as your password and encryption are configured (with no possible access for a fingerprint).
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