Question About Unlimited Data, Using Another Accounts Upgrade?


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Jul 5, 2008
Maybe someone can help me with this Verizon situation:

I have a family share plan (700 mins, unlimited text, unlimited data) with myself and my wife...I have the iPhone 4s and she has the iPhone 4.

My parents have their family share plan (700 mins, unlimited text) and have 2 dumb, flip phones.

I want to use my dads available upgrade, buy the iPhone 5 at the subsidized price, and then transfer it to my line with the 4s currently and unlimited data.

HOW will this affect my plan, and how will it affect theirs, if any? These are 2 separate accounts.

I currently have an upgrade available on our account but would like to keep the unlimited data/not change my plan...I got a corporate discount on there that I want to keep as well, but no longer work at that company, shhhhhh!


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Mar 22, 2010
It won't.

They'll be stuck with the contract extension and will have to switch to Share Everything if they're not already on it. This has been discussed in prior threads.
They don't have to switch to a share plan. OP I just went through the same process and it was terrible, but that's because I was getting bad info from Verizon reps. You will need a new SIM card which will be difficult to find at Verizon stores for a while. I went to an apple store and they handed me one no problem.