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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Peytah, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Peytah
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    So I plan on holding off on my upgrade with AT&T until the new iPhone comes out. My question might actually relate more directly towards AT&T than Apple, but oh well. I know that they require a data plan to be added when you upgrade to the iPhone. I'm wondering if that means I need to have that same data plan for the rest of the 2 year commitment? For example, if I got the $30/month plan, does that mean I need to have that for the whole contract? Can I change it to the $15? Could I get rid of the phone and have no data plan?
  2. CalBoy
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    May 21, 2007
    You should be able to change your data plan at any time, but I believe that once you remove unlimited, you can't get it back unless ATT offers it again.
  3. CosmoPilot
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    You have to have a data plan for the iPhone. You can switch which data plan you want at any time. However, once you switch from the unlimited plan to a tiered plan you will not be able to go back. In other words, you can switch from the $30 unlimited plan to the $25 dollar 2GB plan at any just will not be able to go back to the $30 plan. If on a tiered plan, you can switch from the $15 to $25 dollar plan as often as you'd like. Just be mindful of the proration of going from one to the other.

    I currently have the unlimited plan, but I'm thinking of switching to the $25 dollar plan, because I've yet to exceed 2GB. However, an extra 1GB is only $10. So, I'd say $5/month by switching. On the rare month I do exceed 2GBs, I'll have saved the money the previous months to offset the loss.

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